Tony Finn


This page lists all my projects that I've worked on.

Personal projects

Preserve (2020-) - Gitlab

Music player as a client for Jellyfin, a selfhosted media server. Written using Vue and Typescript.

Olympia (2019-) - Gitlab

Gameboy emulator written in Rust, written to understand older systems in more detail. Covers a complete CPU emulation.

kdbx-rs (2019) - / Gitlab

Library for managing databases from the keepass password manager in Rust.

Ludum Dare

Grand Vizier (LD40)

A second attempt at Ludum Dare, with a slightly increased scope. The theme of this Ludum Dare was "The more you have, the worse it gets". I interpreted this based on the quote "The tighter you grip, the more star systems will slip through your fingers", and did a strategy game where you played as an evil vizier who needs to track down and stop the hero from overthrowing you, but each action you took would increase unrest and increase the chanceo of being overthrown.

Generation Ship (LD38)

This was my first time entering Ludum Dare. The game was a very simplistic spaceship resource management game where the goal was to keep your crew alive long enough to reach their destination.

Xray (2018) - / Gitlab

A library for screenshot testing Rust applications, written for use in a personal game project I was working on.

PyIRCd (2011) - Github

An IRC daemon written in Python. It is a pretty complete implementation in terms of a managing a single IRC server, but was not complete for the purposes of managing a network of interlinked services.


One By AOL / Brightroll DSP (2014, 2015-Present)

Over the years, I have worked on the UI for ONE, which is a AngularJS based SPA, along with the backend systems, particulary relating to the forecasting features. Since the merger of AOL and Yahoo into Oath, I have worked on Brightroll DSP, developing new features full stack across the entire application.

Web Design (Until 2012)

In the past I used to do web design work for small local businesses. However, I no longer do so, and suggest businesses looking to set up a web site for the first time to instead look into services such as Squarespace.